Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Global Management

Well, I think that this is the first blog post I have written in a shirt, tie, and Argyle sweater vest. The reason is not because I have gone through some amazing transformation right feel the need to overdress. I have a presentation today with my group about how businesses adopt and adapt to changing technology. Of course, none of you want to hear that right now, but I think it is enough to say that I feel pretty good about our presentation. My group mates know what they're doing, and I know what I'm doing, so it should go pretty well. Honestly, the hardest part is allowing all five of us to talk in 10 minutes. I have one PowerPoint slide on globalization, and it is very difficult to condense even that relatively small amount of information into one fifth of the time or two minutes. Even by putting the material on one slide, I am missing a lot of what really is the body of globalization. I realize that today is only supposed to give the rest of the class a broad overview of what we are doing, but there is so much to say because globalization is such a huge topic.
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