Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Turning Over

So, for any of you who were wondering, my group did very well presenting yesterday. In fact, I think that everyone did a great job. People tend to rise to the occasion when presenting, so that was very cool. I just heard on the news that pitchers and catchers report on Sunday for the Red Sox, so the Phillies must be around that time as well. That is very exciting but at the same time it is sad to see basketball season ending. I spend so much time watching various games throughout the winter that I don't necessarily do for baseball. I think that the main reason for this is that it is a lot more fun to sit in a gymnasium in the winter than sit at high school baseball game in Vermont. Not that I don't love baseball, but Vermont has about the worst baseball weather, and it almost always rains multiple times throughout the season. Again, I still love this sport so I of course have been outside in those rainstorms, but there is something much more pleasant about sitting inside a warm building while still having a great sport being played. The season is winding down, but it is not over yet so enjoy!
Photo by akeg on Flickr

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