Thursday, February 17, 2011

Newsletter Update

Well, I just got my newsletter from the USPSA. There are some exciting developments going on. For one, Team USA has another training camp coming up, so that'll be great for them as they continue their trek towards world dominance later this year. I am predicting another World Cup victory. Another very cool development is that ATG Rehab is beginning to show the USPSA marketing DVD that we probably all have seen in their waiting rooms. This could very well bring in many new players because obviously it is a very targeted market segment. Unfortunately, I don't think we have any of these in Vermont, so while it won't necessarily help our team directly, it will help us in the sense that more power soccer players around the country means more competition for us. Who knows, maybe this will help start more teams in New York and Pennsylvania. Each needs of these states only have one team right now, but they have so much population that I am sure more teams could be easily put together. The biggest hurdle is honestly awareness, so hopefully through this partnership, power soccer will become more recognizable and gain many more players who are excited about the game.

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