Friday, February 4, 2011

Memorable Night

Well, I finally made my way down to my alma mater of Spaulding High School to see the boys' basketball team play, and I really had no idea all that would happen tonight. For one, Evan Tullar put in his 1000th career point much to the enjoyment of the crowd. Ever since he arrived at Spaulding as a sophomore, he has become one of the more dominant players in Division I. So, congratulations Evan on a great night tonight and a great career so far! I told you that I would come to the game, and I guess I picked a good one! What must have made tonight more memorable was the fact that Spaulding knocked off Burlington by 12 which was excellent. I have sat in that gym many times only to see us fall to the Seahorses. Incidentally, what kind of team situated on a lake rather than a sea is named the Seahorses? Shouldn't they be the Lakehorses? I never understood how that came about. Anyway, what made it even greater than that was that the Crimson Tide had to make a comeback in the process. Not that I ever want them behind, but come-from-behind victories are especially awesome. So, congratulations to everyone else as well! There is something about high school basketball that is just amazing.
Photo by chillihead on Flickr

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