Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dunk Contest

I thought that last night was pretty awesome. First of all, power soccer went very well. I think that the team played pretty well, and I also thought that I did relatively well. Then, I got to come home and watch the Slam Dunk Contest along with the other All-Star events. I think that we all knew that Blake Griffin was going to win. First of all, how would he not win the popularity contest? Of all of the players in the dunk contest, I would daresay that he was by far the most well-known, so obviously people will vote for him. That being said, I think that he won the final round deservedly. I loved how he jumped over the car and all of the theatrics that went along with it, but it didn't even look that hard for him. I also thought that any time a guy dunks from the free-throw line, he deserves a 50. The TV announcers seemed to agree with me. The three-point shootout went well, but my money would have been on Ray Allen just because he is ridiculous. However, that didn't happen, and I was honestly happy with the underdog pulling it out.
Photo by joshme17 on Flickr

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