Monday, February 7, 2011

Spring Training is Almost Here

Well, the Super Bowl is over, so the next big events are the beginning of spring training and slightly after that and slightly more important than that is March Madness. Not that spring training is not important, but I feel like the games are not on TV enough, especially of the Phillies, so it is difficult to watch that much. Regrettably, I don't exactly know how long it is until pitchers and catchers report, but I know that is within the month, so that is very exciting. As I have said before, I feel like the Phillies are the team to beat not only in the National League but also in all of baseball. I really don't know who will challenge well this year, but I have to assume that Atlanta will be solid because they have been solid every year since the early 90s. You never know with the Mets or Marlins, and we can safely assume that Washington will not be too great although they do now have Jayson Werth, and I know that he is an excellent hitter who will solidify their lineup. It will be a fun year, and I look forward to having a better prediction of the World Series than I did for the Super Bowl.

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