Friday, February 11, 2011


I am cutting back. I am only playing two fantasy baseball leagues so far this year. Compared to the three I played last year, this will be pretty easy. Winning however will not necessarily be easy. One of these leagues is with of people who are related to one of my friends, and it is always a very competitive league although it does tend to overvalue Red Sox which is all right with me because I am able to grab a few good players that normally I could not grab. I am sure that I overvalue Phillies as well, but surprisingly I have never ended up with a team full of Phillies. I will normally have maybe two of them, but I do it because they are good players first and foremost. My other league is full of other bloggers such as myself who just got together one day on some message board on the Internet and started playing. The hardest part of this league is that there are 20 teams. Therefore, every team ended up with a few solid players, but by the time we got to the final round, it was even hard to find anything but bench players.

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