Thursday, February 10, 2011

Travel Time

Well, I haven't written about power soccer in a while, so here we go. Basically, what I want to talk about is traveling with the power soccer team. First, it is important to note that our team has at most traveled three hours to play. Therefore, I am not an expert in this field. However, what I do know is that given the current state of the sport especially in New England, you most definitely need to be able to travel somewhat. If we lived in Indianapolis, for example, we could find plenty of amazing competition in the vicinity. However, for us the nearest team is in Littleton, New Hampshire, but they are also not USPSA certified yet because they just started this winter. Therefore, the nearest team that we can play official games with is in Durham, New Hampshire. I definitely enjoy getting together with these guys, but it is also a three-hour drive for me and slightly more for my teammates, so that is more difficult. After that, you have Sudbury and Canton, Massachusetts, but I'm not sure which one is closer. Finally, we could Philadelphia or Syracuse, but that needs to be a team commitment because it will take time and coordination to make trips like that work.

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