Monday, February 21, 2011

Enhance Talents

I feel incredibly productive right now. I have almost all of my homework for this week done. For those of you who have known me a long time, you will know that I tend to be a slight procrastinator. I never wait until the last minute, but I do wait until the last night a lot of times. Therefore, this is quite the accomplishment for me. Having a long weekend definitely helps with this. Anyway, so that puts me in a very good mood right now. So, let's talk about what all the cool people talk about, power soccer. Here's just a quick thought about different skill sets. For example, I do not have half as much power as my teammate Nate. However, that is okay, because I have different skills that enhance his just like his enhance mine. For example, I can hit him with a pass that will set him up to unleash that powerful shot. Even though each of us could probably do what the other one does, but we do better when we each do what we are the best at. I could do this for every one of my teammates because we are all different players, and I feel that we all have something different to contribute to the team. Some of us are faster, some of us have more power, some of us have better technique, and some of us are better defenders. It is kind of like Adam Smith. Through the division of labor, or in this case filling the role that you are most capable of, you can enhance everyone's productivity, or in this case make a more solid team.

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