Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Know Everyone

I definitely think that it is definitely nice that the weather getting warmer today. Notice the emphasis of definitely; there is no room for error in that statement. As I am watching the news on TV, it is interesting to see all of the high school teams. A cool part about Vermont is that it is so small that I can actually remember every single high school. Don't ask me to name them all to the top of my head, but I mean that when I see any of them on the bottom line, I don't think to myself about where a school might be. You also end up having a story about almost every single team. You probably have seen them play at least once, especially when you are like me and have been relatively involved with teams in Division One, Division Two, and Division Four. I have not been actively with Division Three, but many Division Four and Division Two play against Division Three, so I have seen many of them play as well. Sometimes, it is definitely not good to live in a place with so few teams, but it is fun to know everyone in the game at some level.
Photo by kongsvinger on Flickr

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