Saturday, February 26, 2011

Team Goals

Well, this snowstorm was not as bad as I feared, but it still was far from fun. Anyway, I would normally write what I want to do and improve at power soccer practice, but I am not going today, so I'm going to write for my teammates.
• Try to have a good time even though you will be without my incredibly exciting aura (read previous sentence with sarcasm). It might be difficult, but I'm sure you guys will somehow manage to have fun.
• Keep the spacing. I know that we are told this all the time, but a lot of times all of us, myself included, forget. It is easy to get into the game and just start following the ball which may lead to a double team. Luckily, I bet that I will commit fewer two on ones than any of you today, so I will be doing better than I normally do.
• Think ahead. Anticipate how the play might develop for a goal. For example, if it looks like the far side post is open, make it to that spot and be an option. Personally, I like scoring goals, and I like when my teammates do as well.

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