Friday, December 17, 2010

Almost Game Time

Well, tomorrow I head down to University of New Hampshire with my teammates to take on the Northeast Passage Power Cats. As I normally do before practice, I am going to outline some of my goals and what I hope I'm able to do individually tomorrow.
• I need to think about my teammates. Of course, I try to think about them often, but in the flow of the game, we all have a tendency to play what our coach Sandy calls "magnet ball." Not only does this lead to collisions, but it also inevitably causes the 2-on-1 which is entirely unnecessary.
• I need to remember that spinning is a good and powerful weapon. Note that it must be done with some caution because of the risk of a penalty, but it definitely should not be avoided. I have been working on them on my own and during practice, so hopefully I will remember them tomorrow.
• Finally, I need to remember to keep on the pressure. I tend to want to step back. Nevertheless, I need to remember that you only need to allow 15 feet on a free kick. From what I can gather, power soccer is about field position, so I need to take full advantage of it.

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