Sunday, December 12, 2010

One More Practice Before UNH

Let me write about my goals for power soccer practice tomorrow night. Of course, this is the final one before we head to New Hampshire to play the Northeast Passage Powercats. Therefore, it is a very important one.
• I had my turn speed turned up again, so hopefully I can finally work on my spin kicking well. I hope that my control won't suffer too much, but I think that I should be okay.
• As always, I need to work on my one-on-one moves. With more turn speed, it should be easier to spin the ball off of people and hopefully have more success.
• Of course, passing is as important as ever, and I think that is what we will need to do to have success next week.
• I also need to work on being fearless. I tend to avoid hits which is okay, but I also need to remember to take the ball. I'm not the only one who is capable of stopping, so if there is about to be a big hit, both of us will stop hopefully. I need to remember that hits are part of the game, and I need to be able to attack the ball.

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