Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Back in Pinstripes

First of all, at least the Yankees were smart and are going to re-sign Derek Jeter. I'm glad to see it. Even though he is getting older and has not been as productive as he used to be, he is still the captain and he still deserves to be kept on the Yankees if for no other reason than his leadership qualities. Also, I know that his production has been down, but how many shortstops are there honestly that are very productive? There are some amazing ones, but generally speaking either shortstop or second base are relatively weak. There won't too many shortstops who are that much better than he is to offset the leadership that he brings to the Yankees and make it worth it to get rid of him. This issue kind of begs the question however if his paycheck will be way too much. The obvious answer is of course it will be. That is the nature of baseball today though. Players go to the highest bidder most of the time, so obviously that competition raises prices. It is unfortunate though because it makes a wide discrepancy between big and small market teams.
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