Monday, December 6, 2010

New Right Field for the Phils

Well, there's only one way that the Phillies can't keep up with the Nationals. Unfortunately, they were able to hit Jayson Werth with a $127,000,000 deal over seven years which is a crazy amount of money. I know I read online on the Yahoo article about this signing that most people think that this is one of the worst signings ever. Apparently, they don't really understand how great Jayson Werth really is. He is a perennial 20-20 threat and sees more pitches than anybody in baseball. I forget the statistic numerically, but I do remember that he led baseball in pitches seen per at bat. Not only does he wear out opposing pitchers, but he also waits and has more of an opportunity to find a mistake. We will definitely miss him in right field, but at least we have Dominic Brown to fill in. He is a talented young player who will hopefully match Jayson's production eventually. The Phillies have high hopes for him and really fought to hold on to him despite all of the amazing trades that have been swung in the past few years. So, I will miss Jayson, but man did he break the bank because of his production with the Phillies.

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