Wednesday, December 15, 2010

'Twas the Night before Final Exams

Here is what I am thinking about doing. How about rewriting 'Twas the Night before Christmas into 'Twas the Night before Final Exams"?

'Twas the night before my final exams and all through the room
I had no idea what was going on since not focusing would be my doom.
My accounting notes were set upon the table in a pile
And I leafed through it for a lot more than a while.

I turned on my computer and opened Microsoft Word
To reread the notes I had previously heard.
At one point I knew the material but now I feel
I need to study it again, and pay attention for real.

The material started sinking in, I began to remember it
Everything began to come together and like a puzzle fit
Every time I read I remembered a little more in stages.
So I figured I would finish up with one last look over the pages.

The one last read through always helped me secure
The important information and eliminate the impure.
It is good to reach closure when studying accounting material
Because there is always more to learn, especially in managerial.

Then finishing up the material, I had an epiphany
I had forgotten to write my blog so I did so swiftly
So I hope you enjoyed my abridged Christmas poem
And remember in one day we can all stay home.

Photo by xb3 on Flickr

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