Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Four of a Kind

Well, I meant to write this when it was relatively breaking news, but since it has been out almost all day, I guess I kind of missed it. Something about final exams is messing with my blog writing. Anyway, how about Cliff Lee being a Phillie again? We now have the undisputed best rotation in baseball. With Roy squared, the Cole Train, and now General Lee, who can compete with that? Not only that, but two of them are left-handers and two of them are right-handers. With this type of rotation, the opponent will see a different side of the plate every night except for when whoever the number five starter turns up being because he will have a left-hander before or after him and a right-hander on the other side. When you couple this with one of the most prolific offenses in baseball, we have a wrecking machine being assembled. Although we lost Jayson Werth to Washington, I think our offense still has plenty of pop to support this pitching staff which I quite honestly think will not need much run support. The off-season still is not over, so let's see what other teams have in store to improve and try to fight with the Phillies!

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