Sunday, December 26, 2010

Green and Gold Classic

So, it is the night before power soccer practice, so I will list my goals for tomorrow night. Incidentally, it seems like when it will be more than a practice because my teammate Scott has termed tomorrow night as the first annual Green and Gold Classic. Assuming we have at least eight players (which we do pretty much every week), we will play a scrimmage by official rules and official time. It should be a lot of fun! Anyway, on with my goals:
• I need to remember that my spinning is not as powerful as it could be. Therefore, I need to utilize the front of my guard. Honestly, after watching a lot of power soccer videos, I may have to model my game after Jerry Book. He is definitely capable of spinning and is on Team USA, but at least in the video I have watched, he is amazing with the front of the guard and uses it as well as anyone I have watched.
• Lastly, I need to remember that field position is very important. Once we have the opponent buried in their end, we need to apply pressure and keep it down there. They can't score from the other end.

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