Friday, December 3, 2010

Crazy Weather

Well, Cleveland was not a happy place last night. Not only were they beaten severely, but it was at the hands of Lebron James. I don't really love or hate the Cavaliers, but I wish they would have put up some kind of fight. Anyway, I would rather write today about the insane weather that we have had. 90 mph winds were seen in some places in Vermont. That is essentially unheard of. It makes me glad that it happened during the winter sports season. Of course they would have canceled the game, and I was visualizing trying to pitch a baseball and then having it fly off to the left with the entire crowd all of a sudden becoming the target. Or, punting a football and having it blow backwards instead of forwards because of a severe gust. Of course, I was not in Cambridge where the 90 mph winds were, but from the wind that I was in, I think that either of these situations could have happened except for the baseball would not go that far I guess. Now, I think that all of the rain that accompanied this storm is over. We have snow coming which at least brings with it the winter sports season.
Photo by phault on Flickr

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