Thursday, December 23, 2010

Passion Grows

You know what really surprises me? There is no USPSA team based in New York City. The largest city in America does not have an official power soccer team. I wonder why? Maybe some reader in New York City (if I have one?) will see this and decide that there needs to be a team there. That is how I believe power soccer is going to grow. It needs to be word-of-mouth and it needs to be because of passion. I am not going to say that power soccer is a cheap sport to start. That is where the passion needs to kick in. The sport requires technical equipment that is much more than buying a basketball from Wal-Mart. Even power soccer balls run around $70. Nevertheless, people keep on playing. Why? Well, because most of the time passion comes without regard to price. For many of us, this becomes the one sport that we are able to compete and excel at. We get excited and decide that we want to elevate our game. We develop technique and strategy to become students of the game. That is how the sport will grow. It will grow through excitement and passion.

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