Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ref Clinic Recap

So I kind of got my voice back today, so I can write for you all about what happened yesterday power soccer. Essentially, we got to play power soccer for about two hours straight which was pretty awesome. However, before we did that, we had our first official speed test and equipment check. Surprisingly, my chair was too fast by almost a second over 50 feet, but I got turned down and we are all good now I think. Also, I learned how my guard needs to be moved in a little which will be different, but it will definitely need to be done to my guard legal. We kind of like being legal I guess... Anyway, after all of the official stuff, we started to play. The first half we played Chargers versus Power Cats and I think that we all played pretty well. Following that and for the rest of the afternoon, JC Russo of the Circle City Rollers and Team USA joined with the Power Cats and we continued playing until four o'clock. It was definitely a great time for all of us, and the best part was that we now have certified referees to play official games from now on. Thank you to everyone who came out to watch us as well as the referees who came out to become certified. Thank you to the Northeast Passage for being great hosts! Finally, thank you to Chris Mulholland were driving in from Virginia to teach the referees and Dominic and JC Russo for coming in from Indiana to see us play and play with us.

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