Thursday, December 30, 2010

Video Game Day

So, have any of you ever played Football Manager 2011? Highly addicting game to say the least. Basically, you become the manager of a professional football (soccer) team and try to manage everything from the finances to relationships with different reporters to tendencies of certain referees. The level of depth is insane, but I love that even though it makes me insane. It takes a long time to set up a team appropriately although I haven't even mastered that yet. The biggest mistake I've made so far is getting way too arrogant at a press conference and having my players crumble against a team that clearly should have been not essentially a challenge. Of course, that is what makes this game great. It is a lot deeper than just who has the better players. However, I would bet that it sells better everywhere outside the United States given that it is not named soccer. Of course, that makes sense. I wish more people got into soccer in the United States. It seems like everyone played soccer as a kid but no one seems to worry as much about it as they get older. Who knows, maybe there will be a soccer revival!
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