Saturday, December 4, 2010

Aware of Slanting

So, I realized something very important today. It is important to play power soccer on a flat surface. Nothing overly dramatic happened, but I had a hard time lining up my 180° spin kicks. I managed to land a few sweet ones though, so that was definitely positive. The floor was slightly slanted toward the corners, so I had to chase down balls that kept rolling farther and farther away from me. Don't take this as complaining because I'm very lucky to have access to a place to play on my own during the winter, but it was kind of funny how it made me think about the floor and the ball. Maybe that is healthy. I had to think about two different things at once, so that was good. The only potentially unhealthy side effect of this is that I need to remember that once I hit a flatter surface the ball will act differently. However, with all of these thoughts in my mind, I am probably becoming a more aware player. Awareness of the ball and other players on both teams is incredibly important, so even though I didn't really plan to have a slanted floor, it will definitely help me develop.

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