Thursday, December 9, 2010

Pay Them Well and They Will Come

You know, the Red Sox had a tough year last year. Obviously the fans and the management are not very happy with the results. Therefore, what do they do? They go and shoot out a lot of money on free agents or through trades in hopes of making the team better. It may very well work, but does anyone remember the Mets? That has often been their strategy because they also a lot of money, and it hasn't worked too well for them. Why might the Red Sox be different? Well, I guess the difference might be that Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford are right in their prime while many of the Mets signings had been slightly past their prime. However, this is a risky strategy. I don't anticipate that either of these players will fall, but if they do, the Red Sox have a lot of players with giant contracts that would definitely be difficult to move if they are not producing like they had been. Again, all the best to the Red Sox, but being a Phillies fan I have watched the Mets do this again and again and it still hasn't worked out too well.
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