Friday, December 10, 2010


I think that it is interesting how each individual will drive their wheelchair differently beyond the scope of brand differences. Recently, with the help of my mechanics, I have been trying to hone in on the ideal power soccer speed. Obviously, my forward speed should be 6.2 mph because it is the speed limit. However, I am working on the ideal turn speed right now. There is a fine balance between spinning hard enough to hit the ball really hard and spinning too hard and flipping over. There is a balance somewhere between them, but I definitely need to try to find out what exactly suits me and doesn't put me in danger. I tend to be more of a finesse player who tries to slip the ball through the hole rather than jam through with my wheelchair. So, I'm not sure. We play a week from tomorrow in Durham, New Hampshire, so I would like to have this figured out by then. We don't go on the road very much, but when we do, I want to be in top form. It is so important to have a good relationship with mechanics. A lot of things are working together to help me enhance my ability, so let's see where they go from here!

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