Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Team Vision

I think that it is definitely interesting to think about what an appropriate team vision can do. What I mean is that if everybody on the team has a similar perception of the game then it follows that the team will work well together when it counts. For example, if everyone on the team sees that there is a hole on the left hand side of the court, some play is bound to be set up that will allow that weakness to be exploited. When I say that we will all have the same vision, of course you realize now that I don't mean that every player on the court is doing identical things. What I mean is that they all understand how to react to a given situation due to the same sense of purpose and goal of the sport. In my mind, I am thinking about power soccer right now, but it definitely can apply to many other sports as well such as basketball or hockey. Every player should never be doing the same thing as everybody else unless they are synchronized swimming. The goal is to understand the game in the same way as the team unit so that everyone reacts to every situation in a way that their teammates understand.

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