Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bad Weather, Good Practice

Even though the weather wasn't great, I was glad that some of us could still get to power soccer practice. I am continuing to learn how to use my spin, but now that I've seen what other players on other teams set their turn speed at, I most definitely need to turn my speed up again. However, improving my turn sensitivity as well as forward and reverse sensitivity was huge. It's kind of crazy how sensitive my chair is now, but it is much easier to move because it requires much less drastic movement. We were able to play three on three, and that is definitely a different dimension to the game. Normally, you'd have one player with the ball, one person supporting them, and one person on the opposite wing. The opposite wing was what got chopped. Therefore, we essentially played a two person game with a goalie. Of course, this eliminates much of the deception that can be achieved when three players run properly, but what else could we do? It was a lot of fun though! We have one more practice before we go to New Hampshire to play, so I hope that everyone can be there next week and that we will get ready to play our best.

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