Sunday, December 5, 2010

Work Tomorrow Night

As is my recent tradition, here is my list of what I want to work on tomorrow night at power soccer practice. Incidentally, if you read this Sandy, yell at me if I don't follow them well.
• I guess this really isn't new, but I need to remember to play in reverse. My chair goes much faster in reverse, so that is one advantage as well as being able to more easily execute spin kicks.
• Hopefully, my one-on-one play will improve. I think programming will help with this issue by making it easier for me to turn to the right, but I still need to think about my moves to become a better offensive weapon.
• I want to think about the possibility of a better spin kick. Again, maybe this is a programming issue, but I know my technique needs improving as well.
• I need to develop chemistry with my teammates. I don't mean that I need to get along with them better. What I do mean is that I need to adapt my playing style without sacrificing any skills I have to enhance those of my teammates. If they do the same thing to enhance my strengths, we will be a great team. We are working on this, but of course it takes time since we all have our preferred playing styles.
Hold me to these goals tomorrow night so I can improve.

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