Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Turn Up the Turning

I think that the best part about today is that every day from here on out is longer than the day before! It is 4:30 and already dark outside. It's kind of crazy! Another great part about today is we finally have a justification for all the ridiculous snow that is on the ground. Not that I love it anymore than I did, but at least I feel like it should be here now. Anyway, I was watching a little bit of footage from our power soccer clinic on Saturday and I noticed that my turn speed feels a lot faster than it really is. I'm not really sure how to fix that other than to turn it up gradually and adapt to every new step slowly until I'm finally able to hit my top turn speed. Another important consideration is the fact that I ride tilted. Therefore, I need to make sure that I am stable and will not tip over sideways. Of course, this will happen every time and eventually I will zero in on the perfect speed. For now though, I will keep working and figure out how to use what I have for now.

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