Monday, January 31, 2011

Mad Skills

First I want to say that Shaun White is ridiculous. He had a great run last night to take home the gold medal, but I thought that he could have pulled out more if he needed to. I wonder how you do that? He simply invents tricks on his own private half pipe in the middle of nowhere. Just for the record, Wikipedia gives the latitude and longitude of the half pipe, but when I tried to find on Google Earth there was nothing there, so maybe I should question the legitimacy of Wikipedia or maybe it wasn't all decorated with Red Bull. Wherever it is, it is a sweet half pipe that allows White the freedom to create. Also, it gives him a crazy endorsement opportunity because it is a basically a billboard for Red Bull. According to the TV announcers last night, White is the second-most marketable athlete in the world behind only Peyton Manning. For a guy only in his early 20s, that is pretty impressive. It seems like it's been around forever, but really a lot of that is because he started very young and has been in both the snowboarding and skateboarding worlds. I think that it is amazing how dominant he has been in the super pipe so far in his career.
Photo by bfishadow on Flickr

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