Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black and White

You know, this is definitely stating the obvious, but the more you learn about anything, the more you realize you really know very little. See, I told you it was obvious. I think that the reason this comes about is because questions can be answered in multiple ways. Then, each of those answers is a different possibility that can then lead to more questions. That's what I am beginning to think about power soccer. Some things that seemed so obvious are definitely not obvious. For example, if you think about the problem of the 2 on 1. The official rule is honestly different than what gets called. If two players are not actively playing the ball, if there are slightly too close together, it is not definitely enforced. At the same time, some referees call them all the time. Therefore, we have introduced a variation. Each variation has its own solution. However, there could be more than one solution. For example, if the ref is calling the 2 on 1 all the time, possible solutions could be either to keep your game plan the way it is or to adapt to an unfamiliar style that would also limit violations. Black-and-white issues aren't so black and white.

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