Saturday, November 13, 2010

Practicing My Weakness

So, realizing that not everyone has followed my power soccer progression, let me review. Basically, one of the biggest things that I wanted to work on was this somewhat infamous spin kick. It is important to work on because if you are restricted to only being able to use the front of your guard there'll obviously be some downfalls when a ball rolls just out of reach. Therefore, that was what I worked on today. With my mom on one end of the gym and my dad on the other, they rolled the ball back and forth across the goal box for me to attack in reverse and finish with the 90° kick. I got this idea from a letter that was written to people who wanted to try out for team USA. Although I wasn't even playing when the team was chosen, that letter was posted on the Internet, and I noticed that this was one of the drills that they needed to be filmed and submitted while trying out. Also, it was reminiscent of a drill that I had run with Jerry Frick in New Hampshire last weekend where we would drive in to score goals with the front of our guard. I just decided that I would turn it up a little bit to develop the skills I need more work with. It was pretty excellent, and I hope to maybe introduce this variation to a few of my teammates who have more experience with the spin kick.

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