Friday, November 26, 2010

Hot Stove Season

Okay, if any of you remember my wheelchair ski jumping post, going down the ramp this morning was as close as I have ever gotten to experiencing this sport. However, we made it down and all was well. Now, you all may know that Christmas was one month from yesterday. Therefore, we are into the final month. How many of you have not started shopping yet? Anyway, while we are all shopping, so it's Major League Baseball. Unfortunately, the Phillies really haven't made much of a move yet as far as acquiring new talent. We have re-signed José Contreras, but the biggest question mark right now is Jayson Werth. The rumors have been flying that they might be finding a new team because the Phillies can't afford to keep him and his agent, Scott Boras. Also, with Dominic Brown waiting in the wings, there is a very capable replacement. Personally, I think that the most interesting story in regards to this free-agent season is Derek Jeter. Could it be that the man who has represented the Yankees for over a decade might be leaving the pinstripes? Personally, I hope he doesn't. The Yankees spend so much money anyhow, what does it matter if they overpay Jeter? Again personally, I don't think that $15,000,000 is too much for a player that has not much of an influence on a franchise. $15,000,000 is too much for anyone, but relative to the market, Jeter provides a lot more than just his talent. He is a leader that the Yankees would regret losing.
Photo by Keith Allison on Flickr

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