Monday, November 29, 2010

Great Numbers!

What do you think about UVM men's hockey? Yeah, I don't really know either. Tough year so far. Well, I know they lost a lot from last season, so maybe it is a rebuilding year. Anyway, so as I wrote yesterday, I have power soccer tonight. I already talked about myself, but let me know mention that if our Facebook event is any indication, this might be our biggest practice ever! Normally we have seven or eight players, but tonight we are shooting for 10 people which is awesome! This means that we have two teams with a substitute for each team. We have had remarkable growth from having only three or four players at points last spring. Pretty much every week we can now have a scrimmage which is obviously the most fun part of practice. Drills are definitely necessary, so I don't want to come across like they are not important at all, but we all know scrimmaging is the best. Just a side note on that, remember in Hoosiers when they always run just drills and the players complain, he quickly explains that "My practices are not designed for your enjoyment." Maybe we shouldn't go that far, but drills are important just like scrimmaging, so all you need to balance them properly.

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