Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Baseball Crowns Giants

Well, today is election day. By the end of today we will have all of our traditional advertisements back wanting us to buy products and services that we don't really need. Don't you miss those commercials? Anyway, everyone should write me in as the gubernatorial candidate. That would be pretty awesome. So remember, Get Sch-mart with Schmoll!

It is an important day in sports. A new champion has been crowned in Major League Baseball. The Giants have not won the World Series since 1954, so I guess they were due. However, I wish they wouldn't have had to go through the Phillies to get there. It seems like everybody folded as they played the Giants. The Rangers are a lot better than they played just like the Phillies are a lot better than they played. Oh well, now we just have to wait until next year to regain the crown of Major League Baseball. You know it will happen. The Phillies know that they're good enough to win it all again, so all they need now is to do it. That might be slightly more difficult without Jayson Werth, as I assume he'll sign somewhere else, but it definitely can be done!

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