Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sports Addiction

I think that it is interesting how addictive power soccer is. For example, after we got owned by Syracuse, I knew that I had to upgrade my equipment. Similarly, many of my teammates continue to upgrade what they are playing with. More and more metal guards are coming in, and we have had a few new rear-wheel chairs for various people. The amazing part is that mostly people pay for this stuff either out of pocket or with a grant. It is amazing the amount of effort that people are willing to put in to elevate their game. It really is not that much different than any other sport though. If you're a young soccer player here in central Vermont and you want to elevate your game, you play during the regular season but you also sign up for some club team that does cost money. Once you are there, you need to make sure that you have the right equipment such as proper fitting spikes every year. The costs are not all that much different except for the fact that power soccer requires an initial investment but then is essentially over and done with until the wheelchair dies. However, it is awesome that people are willing to invest to improve at a sport that really is awesome.

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