Monday, November 1, 2010

Power Soccer Coming Up in New Hampshire

So, I think that everyone will know that tomorrow is Election Day. It is a pretty exciting day I will admit, but because of that, we can't have power soccer practice tonight. Seriously, what is more important, power soccer or politics? I think the answer is obvious, but most people in the government would disagree with this. Anyway, that is regrettable, but it's not too bad for me because my chair still needs a little bit of tweaking. Nothing too major, I just need the seat adjusted a little bit. It's too bad though that we can't practice because we are slowly becoming a team. I've noticed that people are beginning to understand how each individual player plays and how to best use each others' talent. However, we will pick up right where we left off I am sure. Also, I am not really sure where my readership is from, but our friends in New Hampshire are having a scrimmage next weekend at the Hamel Center at UNH. I'm sure they would appreciate the support. They're playing a game against a team from Canton, Massachusetts, and I have never seen them play, but I bet that it will be a very competitive game!

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