Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Great Wheelchair Debate

The other day I wrote about all of the different types of power soccer guards on the market. Today, let's talk about the soccer chairs. Basically, the models are different but the two predominant brands are Quickie or Invacare. I have heard varying reports. I used to drive Quickie wheelchairs when I was younger, and I even had a P200 which by many reports is the ultimate power soccer chair. However, now that I need tilt and space, that chair would not be an option anymore. Therefore, I have become an Invacare user. As to where I lie on the debate, obviously for me Invacare is the best choice because I could not play in the alternative. I have also seen some highly successful players use both types of chairs. For example, Michael Archer who many people regard as one of the best players in the world uses a P200. However, it is not just the chair that makes him great; he has amazing court sense to go along with a very long guard to help him make plays that most players could not. On the other side, Jerome "Pika" Durand uses an Invacare and that has not stopped him from garnering consideration as one of the best in the world. He is incredibly smart and uses his teammates better than anyone else I have ever watched. So the verdict comes down to individual skills. Obviously you want your chair to be able to spin kick well as well as go the maximum 6.2 mph forward, but it seems to me that both companies build a few models of wheelchairs that put you on a level field for playing soccer. The difference comes from the individual player if the only thing different between the chairs is brand.

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  1. You want a RWD chair with the weight centered just slightly in front of the drive wheel, and cooling fans.

    You have to modify the P200, but the Invacare Storm 3 is only available from Europe.