Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tomorrow's Goals

Okay, I know that I am late, but I hope that I didn't ruin your whole day because of it. Anyway, as most of you know who follow my schedule, tomorrow night means power soccer practice. Therefore, let me throw out what I want to do better than I have been doing. I seem to be doing this every week, but it is a good thing to evaluate where I need to improve. Self-evaluation never hurt anybody.
• I need to see the floor better in order to better use my teammates who might be cutting down the floor.
• As I somewhat learned yesterday, I need to anticipate where the ball is going so that I am able to meet it with a solid spin kick. However, I am going to get my turn speed potentially turned up tomorrow by my mechanic so that I will be able to get a more solid spin kick without getting a reverse start.
• I need to improve my one-on-one game that I am able to slip by defenders more efficiently. If my turn speed can go up, this might help me improve that.
So, these are my three main points for tomorrow night that I want to work on. Hopefully, I will be able to develop myself.

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