Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Rule for USPSA

Here's what I think. I think that it should be Friday first of all. I guess I can't change that though, so I really am thinking that the new minimum games requirement instituted by the USPSA worked incredibly well. Although it prevented us from registering because we were not sure if we could have referees and therefore would not have been able to play official games, I think that that requirement is good for the game. We all talk about how you need to play other games to gain experience and improve. However, some teams didn't do this at all because traveling to a comparable opponent would have been difficult. While I am sure that this travel is still difficult, teams are doing it now because they have to. Also, I think that this will also help spur on expansion. I know that none of us wants to travel hours and hours and hours several times a year to meet the requirement. Therefore, I think that we are more encouraged to try to develop new teams in our area so that we will have more immediate competition. I know that a lot of teams do one or two big trips every year, but these trips do add up, so it is beneficial to have teams near you to play the remainder of your games. Anyway, most people don't like rules and regulations, but in this particular case I think that the rule will definitely benefit the game of power soccer and raise the level of competition.

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