Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Practice Recap

Well, practice went pretty well last night. Actually, it went very well except for the fact that we had a tip over. Fortunately, it wasn't me, but that always shakes people up a little bit. You know, it does happen, and basically all you can do is minimize your risk. It happens to the best of them. Other than that, it was relatively uneventful. We ran some drills that went relatively well. The scrimmage was particularly interesting if not exciting. There weren't really a ton of goals, but it was interesting to see how our team is coming together. We definitely seem to be getting more chemistry. I had not played on the same team as Nate for about three or four months. Typically we end up on separate teams because we are good match for each other. However, we figured that we should play together at least once before going to New Hampshire just so we had some chemistry and had some idea of how each other played. Let me just say that it was interesting at first. We had a few lapses at the beginning, but we began to get it together by the end. I now think everyone has played together which is going to be good for New Hampshire. It is good to know how each other plays and how best to enhance their strengths.

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