Friday, November 12, 2010

Take to the Air

Let me just say how awesome this is! I was bored at UVM today, so I was looking through the pages of It is a great resource for all people with disabilities. Anyway, they had an article on the website talking about different airlines and how accommodating they are for people in wheelchairs. Anyway, everything in the article was stuff that I had heard before except for one airline that isn't even in existence yet. ChairFlights is a nonprofit that is forming to allow people who must remain in their wheelchairs such as myself to fly. I can't even begin to tell you the impact this could have on the sport of power soccer. Can you imagine what the ability to travel easily could do for all of us athletes? Right now, many teams are separated by hours of driving from their nearest competition. However, if we could fly to another location to play in a matter of hours, imagine how much more teams will be traveling. Not only that, but imagine how much more easily we all could travel anywhere we want to. This is such a great idea, so I really hope that they get off the ground soon!

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