Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I was so glad that practice went so well last night. I definitely feel like we're coming together much more effectively. Even though we scrimmaged for less time than we have been previously, I feel like it was a higher quality of play. I know that there were a lot of times when we probably could have been whistled for a two on one. However, in reality I don't think they would have been called. The key to the two on one is two players playing the ball at one time. If one player happens to be 9 feet away he or she is technically violating the two on one rule. However, if he or she is not involved in the play, there's no way that would be called because, at least in the videos I watched online, the referees try to preserve the flow of the game as much as possible. So, we definitely had some violations that would have been called, but I do feel like we preserved the one-on-one style of the game which is why that rule was created anyway. Otherwise, I saw some nice passing, improved ball control definitely doing our dribbling drills, and better defense all the way around as there was only one goal scored throughout our entire scrimmage which is much lower than normal. Anyway, I think that we are definitely becoming a better team. We are beginning to learn how to utilize each other better and anticipate what each of us is going to do. We have just under three weeks until we play, so I'm glad we are coming together.

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