Thursday, November 4, 2010

Key to Growth

So if I think about the state of power soccer, I am very encouraged by what I see. New teams are growing around the country and if you watch the level of play from five years as compared to games from last year, there is such a difference. Sometimes we can fall into popular myth that games do not evolve and mature. However, the game is growing. It is not like a team will end up on top and then decide to stop working. They continue to elevate their game as well so there is a perpetual improvement that just comes naturally as the game grows. On a similar way, every team wants to challenge the champion. Therefore, they will continue to develop and hopefully become more and more competitive. This cycle is definitely not unique to power soccer. I think about baseball had a similar process. As pitchers became bigger and stronger with modern workout techniques and better nutrition, they threw harder. Because of this, the batters had to catch up and therefore raised the level of the game to level that it had not been not before. So that is my challenge for today, think about how you can elevate their game.

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