Sunday, November 28, 2010

Space is My Friend

Even though my Fiction Friday concept didn't last long, I like the idea of a routine. So at least for now, Sunday will become the day I think about what I need to do better at power soccer practice this week.

• First, I think that I need to develop my sense of space. I'm not sure if the court we play on is actually regulation size although I think it is. Therefore, I need to discover how to use space efficiently. While watching the Atlanta Synergy one day, the announcer emphasized how they do not necessarily look to pass to a teammate as much as they try to pass to an open space on the floor. I need to think about how I can use space to help my teammates.

• Once I learn how to pass to the open space, I need to be able to use open space better when I do not have the ball to be in position to receive passes and make plays. Namely, this involves anticipating a pass back when the ball is tied up between two opposing players. I try to do this, but I definitely can still continue improving my senses.

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