Monday, November 8, 2010

In National and Local News

Okay, so Vermont is pretty ridiculous. We should not be having freezing rain already. Anyway, I hope that it doesn't disrupt my day too much or anybody else's. So who is impressed by Brett Farve? Well for one, I am, and for two, I bet John Madden is. Who would've thought that at this point of his career he could have his career-high in yards passed in one game? Also, let’s go Patriots! Notice the sarcasm. Cleveland came to play I guess. Now, we proceed to local sports. My team has power soccer tonight assuming that the weather does not get horrendous. For some reason, I'm even more excited than normal to go play. We haven't played as a team in two weeks, so maybe that is why. Also, I think my trip to New Hampshire reminded me that there are more teams out there and that they are constantly working to get better. Therefore, I need that same desire. Rather, I have the desire, but I need to act on that desire. It's kind of like that old saying that I can tell you how to dunk a basketball, but I can't do it myself. Similarly, I can tell you I'm excited about power soccer, but I need to do it and prove it.

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