Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fun at the Clinic!

I know I normally write in the morning. However, I wanted to write tonight because I figured I could write a little bit about what I did this afternoon. I made the trek down to Bethlehem, New Hampshire with my family to attend a power soccer clinic with Adaptive Sports Partners of the North Country. Jerry Frick of the United States Power Soccer Association came up to introduce the game to the new team in New Hampshire, but I figured that I would go down to brush up on my fundamentals. I have heard Jerry referred to as "the Godfather of power soccer," so any time that I can go and learn more about the game from him, I am more than ready to go. It was a really fun time though! It is so great to be seeing another team coming together, and it brought me back to the excitement of when I first started playing power soccer. I didn't have any experience, but it was great to be able to finally compete in a sport. Similarly, I could tell that these players were excited to finally have this opportunity, so I hope that they're able to continue working and enjoying themselves. There is definitely potential there, and I look forward to playing with them more in the future!

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