Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Power Soccer Styles Part One

It is surprising how many variations can be made from four players playing on a power soccer team. Note that all of the styles I will mention are drawn from video that I have watched on from a few years ago. Therefore, while they might not be representative of the teams I mention anymore, they are still definitely relevant styles. One style is that of the Atlanta Synergy. Essentially, everybody is a forward. Even the goaltender plays an extremely aggressive style that often involves coming out almost to half court much of the time. On the other hand, the Circle City Rollers are much more conservative and star driven. As a contrast, it is extraordinarily rare to see their goaltender leave the box or even the goal line. However, they don't really need to do that because Michael Archer is essentially everywhere. He is definitely the general out there. The Synergy plays much more of a team oriented game. I feel like it is much more of an opportunistic style. The player who has control of the ball tends to attack whereas it seems like Circle City always tends to run back to Archer in some way because he is always right where the ball is. Both teams are highly successful, and both do it in separate ways. Tomorrow, I have a few more teams to talk about namely the San Jose Steamrollers and the RHI Sudden Impact.

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