Sunday, November 7, 2010

Challenging Myself

I have been challenged to elevate my game. I have challenged myself (although I am sure that my teammates would appreciate it if I became better as well). Therefore, here is my plan for improvement.
• Spin kicking is incredibly important. I always knew that, but I am realizing that I really need to become better at it to reach another level.
• Of course, I need to improve at playing in reverse. Since I have a limited range of motion, this is a slight problem, but many other players have overcome it so I will just need to work harder than most.
• One of my new pet projects that is sort of related to number one is a 180° spin kick. A little bit different than the average 90° spin kick and a little more difficult, but I think I can develop it.
• Ball control is an important part of the game. I have decent ball control, but I do fall into the trap of having the ball go too fast and letting it get away from me.
Now y'all know some of my main weaknesses (a Texan accent doesn't do much for me I guess). As you can tell, these skills encompass most of power soccer. Go ahead and exploit them tomorrow night. It will force me to develop them.

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