Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Watching the Two-on-One

I felt that practice went pretty well last night. There was a lot more contact than normal, but a lot of it was in the flow of the game and probably would not have been penalties in most of the films I've seen. Anything that is guard to guard is generally legal except for when people are not playing the ball of course. As far as I did, it was alright. It was definitely not my best day, but it was definitely fun. As far as I want to improve, I want to avoid the 2 on 1 by communicating better with my teammates so that they know when I am going to leave the defense to them. Also, my one-on-one game needs some more work. I was able to get by the first defender, but I had problems with the second. It really didn't matter who was the first defender or the second; I guess had a lot more trouble with the second. A lot of this might have come from the fact that I didn't want to back up because I thought that defender that I had just gotten by was still right behind me. Of course, I'm sure they were not that behind me because if they had been that close behind me, it would be called as a two on one. Maybe I need to be more aggressive in this respect because if that happened, the defense would be at fault. Again, I think that might have been all in my head because I doubt that there were that many two on one penalties against me. Therefore I need to get over this.

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